Nov 24, 2010

Wire and bead angel

Wire and bead angel

African Trade bead ring & copper wire

Beautiful African Trade bead ring spiraled in copper wire ~ SOLD

Oct 13, 2010

Caring for handcrafted jewelry

Caring for handcrafted jewelry is relatively easy. Following these basic suggestions will help ensure your jewelry gives you years of enjoyment!
  • When wearing jewelry, please use care while dressing and undressing. Watch those snags.
  • H2O and fine jewelry really don't mix so keep your personal adornments from getting in contact with water (or other liquids).
  • Perfume, hairspray and similar stuff are great for prettying us up...but not our jewelry.
  • Take it off, your jewelry that is, prior to participating in sports or similar vigorous activities.
  • Do you wear your jewelry when you sleep because you love it so much? Ooops, please don't!
  • When cleaning to remove fingerprints, makeup, dirt or light grease, use a microfiber or 100% cotton cloth and gently wipe the jewelry. Many types of jewelry, such as those made of beads, semi-precious stones or fibers, should not be soaked in any liquids.

Oct 10, 2010

Booth at the Folk Festival

Booth at the North Georgia Folk Festival held in Athens, GA

At the North Georgia Folk Festival

Jewelry on display at the 2010 North Georgia Folk Festival

Oct 9, 2010

Kimberly Branch lampwork bead

The Kimberly Branch lampwork bead is wrapped in antiqued sterling wire.

Vintage ring

Sterling wire wrapped vintage ring

African Trade Beads Earrings

African Trade Beads on silk adorned with brass

Czech Firepolished Beads

Czech Firepolished Beads on brass wire bangle

Vintage nailhead bead necklace

Vintage nailhead beads on brass bangle

Multistrand Dragonfly Necklace

Multistrand Dragonfly (chain, silk and new African trade beads) necklace with knot toggle closure.

CoLoRs of the SeA

Sterling wire wrapped ring adorned with amazonite, aquamarine, blue lace agate, turquoise, chalcedony semi-precious stones and FW pearls.

Wire bangle

Sterling and brass wire bangle

Triple X wrapped sterling ring

Triple X wrapped sterling ring on my carved rock skull.

Brass and glass earrings

Brass with Vintage German and Czech glass earrings

Flower and leaf beads ring

I have such a thing for flower and leaf beads...decided to incorporate into my rings!

Flower nailhead beads bangle

One of a kind (or never to find!!!) vintage flower nailhead beads adorn this wire wrapped brass bangle.

Oct 8, 2010

Blooming Bracelet

Pastel vintage German and Czech beads

This fun and exciting bracelet is made by sewing a variety of beads onto a cord and uses a button as a clasp.

Multi-strand brass charm bracelet

Multi-strand brass charm bracelet with African trade beads and fairy ribbon